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Article: Why Using A Scalp Comb Is The Secret To Healthy Hair

A Scalp Comb For The Hair
Anti Aging

Why Using A Scalp Comb Is The Secret To Healthy Hair

If you are wanting to approve the appearance of your hair, have you considered upgrading your comb and changing your grooming routine?

You may have not even considered that scalp health is of vital importance beyond simply styling your hair. If you hair is lucking dull, brittle, dry or thinning massaging your scalp is a wonderful option to help.

The good news is hair care can be so much more than styling, dealing with detangling knots and tangles.

It is also becoming a popular growing trend in the beauty industry and will increase in popularity over the coming years.

What is a scalp massager?

Comb for the scalp

Simply put it is a hair tool that massages your scalp. Beyond dimply a brush the intention of using one is to massage your head in a strategic way in order to benefit the scalp directly.

  • They can have a wide tooth or a narrow tooth and can be made of different materials similar to a comb or a hair brush.
  • They can look like a comb or be a gua sha tool. Both work equally well, they just have slightly different techniques
  • They can also be made of stones, pure crystals, plant materials like bamboo or wood.

Traditionally in ancient china they were often made of pure Jade Crystal and were hand carved in a way to stimulate acupressure points.

Scalp massaging is a very old tradition going back to ancient times in China and even traditional hairdressers over time.

When you visit your hair salon and they massage your scalp while washing your hair, how amazing does it feel? Why is this honestly the only time that this happens?

Well keep reading to find out why you should be incorporating this little known ritual into your hair styling routine.

How do you use a scalp massager?

Scalp Health

Massaging the scalp is a very simple and ultra relaxing process. It takes a few minutes and it can also be extended for up to an hour if you have the time.

The main point is to start at the hair line around the ear on the right hand side. Working smoothly from the front  in a direct line back to the base of the neck and hairline around the ear.

You gently press the massager into the scalp so it has a dull, achy sensation as you massage your entire head. If you are using a tool that looks like a crystal comb, ensure all the teeth have full contact with the scalp. If you are using a stone or gua sha, you can read how to use them.

You can repeat each are you are working with depending on the time you have. So you can do each line once, or in sets of for example, 3, 6 or 9 strokes.

You then move to the right to cover the next strip of hair repeating the process.

Watch this video for an overview of how to correctly use a scalp massager.


What are the benefits of using a scalp massager?

 Grooming your hair

There has been research to show that using a scalp massager for 4 minutes a day increased hair thickness after 24 weeks (1).

The exact mechanisms are not known besides that they increase blood flow to the area which has many benefits. Scalp massage action increases stretch forces which in turn changes gene express in dermal papilla cells.

By making bio-mechanical changes in the subcutaneous tissue of the scalp, it clearly has a beneficial effect on the body.

From an acupuncture point of view. In Chinese Medicine, it is a commonly practiced ritual in China to massage the hair and scalp for overall health and well-being.

There are many acupuncture meridians that run directly along the scalp line. By stimulating these using a scalp massage technique, you can directly stimulate the acupressure points on the scalp, which in turn increases energy circulation (Qi) to the internal organs of the body.

This is a health ritual that is practiced daily in China to prevent health issues as well as the obvious benefit of improving the appearance and health of the hair.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective your hair reflects the quality and health of your blood. When you suffer from brittle/ damaged hair, dry hair or hair thinning or loss, it means that you have an imbalance.

Massage in general is very relaxing and it releases endorphins which are very pleasant and good for your well being and mental health

Can a scalp massager help with hair growth?

Massaging your hair to grow it

 A trial in 2016 called "Standardised Scalp Massage Results in Increased Hair Thickness by Inducing Stretching Forces to  Dermal Papillae Cells in Subcutaneous tissue" by Kokoyoma ET all (1).

This trial had two groups of men, one was a control group and the other used the scalp massage daily for 4 minutes for 24 weeks. The control group experienced no change in hair thickness however the men that used a scalp massager for 4 minutes daily showed an increase in hair thickness.

Whether applying massage alone can help hair growth is still to be assessed but the fact that it is thicker after 24 weeks of 4 minutes a day, shows promising results.

Any action that naturally increases the circulation of blood and nutrients to the area is bound to have a positive impact if you are trying to tackle hair loss. Hair thickness and having better quality follicles is a great step to assist hair restoration naturally.

Using a dermastamp for hair restoration, which is a special form of microneedling where you gentle treat the whole scalp has been shown to help hair loss. It has been shown to increase endothelial growth factor, which in turn naturally promotes hair growth and increases follicle size and thickness. It also increases transdermal absorption of products into the dermis by up to 10,000 times, so if you use a good hair restoration product topically like the hair restoration spray it will help increase absorption.

A great approach would be to use a dermastamp hair restoration pack and a crystal comb to stimulate the scalp. You would use the massage before the stamp or use the crystal comb to massage the scalp in the morning and the hair restoration pack at night.

Is a scalp massager suitable for all hair types?

Men's hair care

Yes! The positive effects of massaging the scalp go way beyond simply styling and the normal process of grooming.

From a holistic health point of view or alternative medicine it is very good for your health and a great practice to do daily for well being.

It is a gentle self care ritual that can benefit all ethnicity's and all hair types. It is also great for people of all ages.

 What is a scalp stone?

A scalp stone image

A scalp stone is a form of gua sha or stone/crystal tool that you can use to directly stimulate the scalp through massage.

It may be less easy to use than a comb and may cause knots or tangled hair which is one disadvantage as you will spend time using a brush to perform detangling instead of styling afterwards! From a grooming point of view a comb is better, however if you already have a gua sha tool or scalp stone then it is an easy way to start these treatments for your hair.

How do you use a scalp stone?

Using a scalp stone is slightly different to a comb.

They have different sides that you can use to massage and apply pressure in different ways. You pull your hair back if you have long hair so you stimulate the scalp without getting your hair in the way.

To massage your scalp using a stone you :

  • Start around the ear on the right hand side and then using the tip or pointy end of the gua sha and apply gentle pressure. Move from the hairline around the ear to the hairline of the neck.
  • Then move 1.5 inches up and go straight back from the face to the back of the neck in a line and continue each practice into you reach the centre line. This is where the meridians run.
  • Each area can be massaged 1, 3, 6, or 9 times before moving on so that each area of the scalp covered.
  • You can then go over the area with the curved side of the gua sha giving even gentle pressure to the scalp as you massage each area.

Watch a video here to see how it is performed:




What are the benefits of using a scalp stone?

A scalp stone has the same benefits as using a scalp massager. Essentially you are using a hair tool to apply gentle pressure to the scalp and hair line this benefits:

  • Increasing Circulation in the scalp up to 400%
  • Increases hair thickness when performed daily
  • Stimulates acupuncture points and meridians on the scalp, increasing circulation of energy (qi) for wellness.
  • Increases peace of mind and well being through this relaxing form of massage.

Can a scalp stone help with scalp health?

Yes. Increasing circulation to the scalp helps deliver vital nutrients to the area. Research has shown that the movement along the scalp creates movement in the subcutaneous tissue. This then has a bio-mechanical effect by increasing forces in the blood vessels, dermis, nerves and skin which results in thickened hair over 24 weeks. (1).


Is a scalp stone safe for sensitive skin?

Yes a scalp stone is safe for the surface of the skin. If the stone itself is good quality and the surface is perfectly smooth. (sharp edges can cut the skin).

We recommend using pure chemical free crystal gua sha for this. Amethyst is especially good for sensitive skin.

Again as with all sensitive skins, you need to start slowly and gently and build up the use gradually.

It is never advisable to use massage on broken or infected skin.

What is a scalp comb?

A Jade Scalp Comb

A scalp comb is a comb with fine teeth or wide teeth that is designed to stimulate the scalp. They are very often made of pure nephrite jade crystal. These crystal combs have been used for thousands of years in China. Their energy is said to help increase the circulation of energy (qi) and blood in the area. Interestingly enough modern research are showing that if you massage the scalp as they would have traditionally according to traditional Chinese medicine that it does make bio mechanical changes in the area that ultimately benefits the thickness of the hair in the area.

How do you use a scalp comb?

To get the benefits of using a scalp comb, simply add it to your beauty and grooming regime.

It only takes a few minutes to treat your scalp and has great benefits to the area.

If you are looking to maintain luscious, healthy hair this is a simple and natural way to help your hair as opposed to just using a brush or comb normally.

You can watch a video here:


What are the benefits of using a scalp comb?

Styling your hair naturally

In short it is a holistic beauty ritual that has been used for thousands of years in traditional chinese medicine. It is gaining in popularity because of some recent studies that have been performed in Japan.

The exact mechanisms are not known however there is no doubt that by increasing circulation to the scalp, it activates many local mechanisms that ultimately benefit the local skin, blood vessels, hair follicles, nerves. This action results in thicker hair when used on a regular basis.

In Chinese Medicine we would explain that local meridians and acupressure points are activated that stimulate the local area and increase energy.

When there is a problem in a local area it is often due to an excess of energy or deficiency and either way effects the local blood flow, which from a TCM perspective can result in thinning, brittle hair and hair that lacks luster.

Can a scalp comb help with detangling hair?

 Brush for your hair

Yes it can be used as a normal comb to comb the hair and remove tangles and knots. Some combs have a wide tooth or a thin tooth. If you have thicker hair you would be best getting a wider tooth comb to detangle. You can also use the crystal's energy to relax and calm the scalp and use it as self love ritual instead of a chore.

Is a scalp comb suitable for all hair types?

Like a standard brush or comb, a scalp comb is suitable for all skin types if used correctly and gently in the area.

Make sure that you select a great quality scalp comb that is made of pure chemical free crystal and retains it's pure energy.

Also ensure that you follow instructions from industry experts in the field and that you never perform this on broken or infected skin. Be certain to check with your physician if you are unsure.

To determine which crystal type would be best to treat your meridians you can take this test here

Remember everyone is unique and you will benefit massaging your scalp regularly if you find a great time to do this like in bed, in the bath, in front of your TV or in your normal skin care ritual.

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You can also view these crystal hair massaging and styling tools that have a lifetime guarantee:

White Lotus have been teaching gua sha and body combing since 2004. If you are interested in studying online view our online courses.

1. Koyama T, Kobayashi K, Hama T, Murakami K, Ogawa R. Standardized Scalp Massage Results in Increased Hair Thickness by Inducing Stretching Forces to Dermal Papilla Cells in the Subcutaneous Tissue. Eplasty. 2016 Jan 25;16:e8. PMID: 26904154; PMCID: PMC4740347.

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