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Dermaroller Training

Having had both the training and treatment itself, I can say without hesitation that White Lotus is the superior form of skin needling offered currently.  The more common methods - with which I was treated and trained previously, and which focus on numbing the skin as well as bleeding it - don't really compare in terms of not only marketability but result.’  Adrienne, London

Due to covid 19 these seminars are not presently being run in person. Please see the online training courses available below. The Online Training are recognised courses and carry CPE points

Holistic Microneedling Training Online
Jade Roller, Gua Sha and Cosmetic Cupping Training online
Holistic Cosmetic Acupuncture Training Online
Traditional Chinese Face Reading Training Online

How Can Holistic Microneedling Benefit your Clients and Your Clinic?

Holistic Microneedling means employing the least invasive techniques possible to achieve the best results for your patients.

To do this the minimum microneedle length that will reach the collagen layer is employed in each different treatment. Only natural safe serums are used during the treatment to avoid side effects and the principles of traditional natural cosmetic systems are applied to reduce pain and ensure the treatment works with the bodies natural equilibrium.

What does this mean for your clinic and your patients? Pain and potential side effects are one of the main reasons patients avoid invasive cosmetic procedures. Once the word ‘needles’ are mentioned fear also becomes a huge obstacle as needles are the second greatest phobia after public speaking in the western world.

By reducing the size of the micro needles, eliminating the excessive bleeding produced in some derma rolling treatments and naturally reducing the discomfort you can produce an effective treatment your clients will be raving about.

Dermaroller Training

So Exactly What will you Learn During the Dermaroller Course?

During the one day course you will cover:

  1. Detailed protocols to assist scars, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, sagging skin, dull complexion  and hair restoration.
  2. Unique specialised rolling techniques that minimise discomfort and improve treatment results
  3. Pretreatment preparation and the use of the Jade Roller to improve patient compliance and enhance their clinical experience
  4. How to chose the correct serums to dramatically enhance results and avoid risks
  5. Detailed knowledge of how dermarolling works for your own understanding and so you can inform and empower your clients
  6. Clinical and time Management of the treatments to instantly slot the skin needling treatments into your existing range of services
  7. Expert marketing advice on packaging and promoting the treatments within your clinic


Dermaroller for Stretch marks

Are the White Lotus Products You Will be Using Different from other Brands?

Short answer YES!

White Lotus uses a unique Hypoallergenic Dermaroller system. The micro needles used are produced in a single mould from a bio compatible polymer.

This has 2 advantages. As the micro needles are produced in one mould micro needles can never become dislodged and cause risk to your patients. Secondly as the polymer is biocompatible your patients can avoid the risk of metal allergy and there is no risk of the increasingly common nickel allergy.

The Dermarollers are complemented by the certified organic Anti Aging serum to enliven the skin and reduce risks following treatments. The serums are certified organic and safe for use with the enhanced absorption produced by microneedling.

The treatments are completed by the preliminary massage with the Jade Roller which relaxes your clients and importantly their skin prior to treatment. This effortlessly adds value to the appointment.

Dont forget White Lotus are the experts in their field. If you have any problems in clinic after you complete the course White Lotus will supply expert advice from experienced practitioners to assist with any difficulties and advise directly on complicated cases.

Jade Roller Training

What About Dermaroller Pain Management?

You will learn to perform collagen induction therapy without topical anaesthetic. This does not mean that if you return to your clinic you cannot apply anaesthetic to your clients. It means that once you learn to apply the techniques properly you will not need to.

To demonstrate this a survey of the last 70 students to attend the Holistic Microneedling Course was carried out in 2013. The survey showed that 91% of the students agreed that the new treatments were not painful.

This ability to control pain with correct dermarolling techniques and micro needle selection drastically improves patient experience and the word of mouth they carry forward to future customers.

What Do Past Students Say About the course?

This is best expressed in their own words so please head to our Dermaroller Course Testimonial page to learn more.

For those who want the quick version:

100% of 70 attendees surveyed who had previously attended another derma roller training preferred the White Lotus Holistic Microneedling training.

More importantly 100% of these students rated the course as ‘Great’!

A Little About the Dermaroller Trainer

At White Lotus you will receive a genuine expert in the field rather than a professional trainer with little practical experience in clinic.

All Dermaroller Training is conducted by Anthony Kingston. Anthony Studied Acupuncture in Australia for 4 years and holds a BSc in Comp Med and an MSc in Pharmacology.

After several more years studying the ancient cosmetic techniques of Asia Anthony founded the White Lotus Clinic in Australia to showcase these ancient cosmetic techniques.

He has demonstrated his innovative skin needling techniques on National television and in 2012 after a decade of teaching and practicing microneedling he released the book ‘Holistic Microneedling’. This book coined a phrase and introduced a new more natural and less invasive way of applying microneedling to clients.

He later introduced the Holistic Microneedling Correspondence Course to allow practitioners around the world to benefit from the natural dermaroller techniques.

He is Special advisor on skin needling to BABTAC the largest beautician organisation in the UK and is a guest teacher at seminars around the world.

Dermaroller Training

Who Can Attend?

The course is open to those with existing qualification to perform Skin penetration procedures. This is usually classified as insurance level 4 on your Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Attendees at the courses usually include Doctors, Nurses, Acupuncturists, Aestheticians and other Beauty Professionals.

If you are not sure if you have the correct qualification please contact us and we are happy to advise.

White Lotus also runs a referral scheme to Balens Insurance for those who need help getting Insurance to Practice.

Where and When Does the Dermaroller Training Take Place?

Courses are currently only available online. Please use the links below.

Holistic Microneedling Training Online
Jade Roller, Gua Sha and Cosmetic Cupping Training online
Holistic Cosmetic Acupuncture Training Online
Traditional Chinese Face Reading Training Online

Dermaroller Training Cost

Please see the links above.

Discounts are available for early bird bookings so please contact us.

Ready to Attend?

Please contact us directly by email to register your interest in the up coming seminars.

What if I cant Attend in Person?

Anthony has produced an online dermaroller training course for this exact purpose.

The online course has over 1 hour and 52 minutes of demonstrations covering how to apply micro needing to the signs of aging, facial treatments, hand treatments, décolletage, stretch marks, cellulite, scars and hair loss.

When purchasing the online course the costs can be deducted from the cost of attending the actual courses in future if you wish too.

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